Getting Around Antigua

Once you actually get to Antigua, you might spend all of your time at one of the great resorts, like the Sandals resort in Antigua. Of course, some people will want to get out and check out the rest of the island – even some of those travelers who are staying at one of those posh resorts.

Well, getting around Antigua is not like getting around the US city that you live in. It is an island, so things move at a slower pace. Some people might even consider getting around Antigua to be a bit on the tedious side. So, knowing what you are in for in advance will better prepare you for the quirks of getting around.\

You could rent a car when you arrive at the airport. That is a great way to have complete control over your transportation as well as complete freedom in terms of where you can go. Sounds good, huh? Well here is the possibly not so good part. The speed limit pretty much everywhere on the island is around 35mph, or turtle speed as I like to call it. So, while you can go anywhere in your rented car, it will take you a little while to get there. And car rentals are not cheap here! You’ll be spending around $100 per day for one, not to mention the extra cost of having to gas it up. But hey, at those low speeds you’ll at least get good gas mileage, eh?

There’s always the local bus. Using the bus is a pretty simple process. And it is also the cheapest way to get around Antigua. But, they are kind of on island time, which means they are not the most reliable in terms of leaving (or even being there) when they are supposed to be. But, if you can handle this then it will only cost you around $2 per person for a ride on the bus. Good deal, huh? Sadly, they still have to keep to that super low speed limit.

Prefer a bit more privacy than the bus offers? You could use a taxi, but do know that taxi service in Antigua is on the expensive side. Normally, the taxi is a minibus that will hold four people comfortably. So, if you are splitting costs then it is not too bad, but still more than bus (cheaper than a rental car though).

Of course, the really expensive option is going around the perimeter of the island on a yacht. If you cannot afford this, then you might be able to sign up as a crew member if you’ve got the time and don’t mind a little work.

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