Packing For Your Trip to Antigua

If you have scheduled that flight or cruise to Antigua, then you might be getting pretty excited about your upcoming time on the island. I know, it is hard not to be excited about coming to Antigua. But making sure that you pack all the right stuff can be the difference between having an excellent time and having a bad time.

Before you leave from home, you should make a packing list to be certain that you get everything that you need for having fun in the sun all stowed away in your suitcase.

Probably are the most important thing to pack is your sunscreen! It goes without saying that you will likely spend a lot of time out in the sun whether you are strolling on the beach or getting ready to go for a swim or spending time out on a boat.

Another thing that you will want to look for when you are getting ready to pack everything is your swimsuit. You will definitely want to either hit the beach or the pool while you are in Antigua.

And since this is an island, you will want to bring the types of clothes that will keep you nice and cool when you’re out in the sun. Comfortable shoes are also a good addition to your wardrobe since you might end up doing a lot of walking.

A good hat to keep the sun off your head is also a great addition. You ever really notice how quickly your head can get sunburned when you are out in the sun. There are some hats that have SPF coverage built into the fabric and others do not. So, try a few different options to see what you like best. And consider something that has a wide brim to help keep the sun off of your face when you are out there in the sun.

With these tips, you should be ready to get out there and get started having a fun time on your vacation to Antigua since you are going to pack all the right things. Just be sure to leave all the water sports gear at home cause you can rent all that stuff once you get to the beach.

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