What To Expect When You Visit Antigua

If you are considering planning that first vacation to Antigua, then you might be on the fence about whether or not it is the best place for you to visit. That is understandable, especially since it is not as well known as places like the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. And it certainly does not get as much press as those two places. But the truth is that you can get just as much of an enjoyable time in Antigua as anywhere else in the Caribbean. And look at it this way, if you go to a place that is a bit less popular like Antigua, then it won’t be as crowded with tourists like the Bahamas!

And sure, places like St. Barts are amazing, but so is Antigua. But you do not have to take my word for it. Just have a look at the amazing scenery and the video below and you will see exactly what you would be missing if you decide to not book that next beach vacation in the paradise that is Antigua. You can thank me later!

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