About This Site

Are you looking for a good place to visit on a vacation that has beautiful beaches and scenery out of your wildest dreams? If so, then it sounds like Antigua might be just what you have been looking for all this time! Here at Antigua Bliss, we want to share everything that this great about this little slice of paradise.

Do know what we are not vacation professionals or members of the government or tourism board in Antigua. Instead, we are just a couple of normal people who are really excited about the best vacation spot that we have ever found. We just want to share it with as many like minded people as we possibly can. That is where you come in! We are so freaking excited that Antigua is on your radar as a potential place to visit and soak up some sun and listen to those waves hit the beach while that cool ocean breeze tickles your skin.

As you can tell, we just love this place! And though we should zip it and keep our lips tight about this wonderful little piece of heaven that we’ve managed to find, we just can’t stop talking about it! We truly do hope that you plan a visit and find it as wonderful and enchanting as we do.

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